Sunday, March 3, 2013

The End?

I took a break from Kendo beginning January 2012. It has been over a year and I haven't returned.
Kendo has been putting too much stress on my wrist, in particular the right wrist. Observing those at the dojo that practice more frequently, I started to notice that many of them were bandaged from one form of repetitive stress injury or another. For someone who relies on their hands for breadwinning,  I figure the writing's on the wall and as a scientist, ignoring those signs would be stupid.

It has been a worthwhile experience while it lasted (for just about 5 to 6 years). It has shown me how to face my weaknesses, both physical and mental, and how to push beyond them. I will always hold the art form with the highest regard and uphold the expectations of my 2nd Dan ranking.

There are still many other things to learn and do in life. Time to explore them.... perhaps I may return to obtain my 3rd Dan someday...