Sunday, March 27, 2011


In my blog on Men vs Men, I was told that the technique actually had a name: men-kiriotoshi-men. It is basically an Oji waza described as the most difficult.
You can see this at 4:02 into this video:

Also Mr. Okada was kind enough to give me some tips on men-vs-men. It seems my problem is that when I launch into men I am not heading straight for the target- especially when I am late. I tend to angle around it. If I just strike directly at dead center of the opponent's men with all my intention the worst that can happen is we clash and no one gets a men across (or my opponent does a kiriotoshi to me :)

I also have a problem of still using my right arm too much as a result sometimes my men strikes are off center. I need to just do extra waza at home.